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Medi-Spa: A powerful monthly group healing session where Mas instills in you the frequency of true beauty, vitality and wisdom in body, mind and spirit.


Ending the Frequency of Victimhood

What seems to be coming at you, is coming from you….As circumstances do not make you, they reveal you.

We have all experienced being a helpless victim and the longing for love and sympathy is natural. But discarding responsibilities, blaming failures on outside circumstances/other people, and glorifying miseries by seeking martyrdom are neither healing nor helpful…and will only perpetuate the frequency of victimhood – the mentality that manifests self-fulfilling prophecies of a powerless life.

Mas often says – It might not always be your fault when finding yourself in undesirable situations, but it is always your responsibility to overcome these obstacles…and that is how you become awakened. On this Spa call, Mas will remove the frequency of victimhood and strengthen your resolve to not just survive, but thrive in life regardless of circumstances.

Remove False Advantages of Victimhood
An easy way to win acceptance, sympathy and love
A feeling of power and a sense of entitlement
An excuse to resist change and stay in the comfort zone
A tool to manipulate and control people and situations
A safe place to fall back when/if failing again in life
Given less responsibilities with lowered expectations by others and yourself

Instill Empowering Frequencies of Self-Mastery
Experience the pain of a victim, without becoming the pain
Use the victim experiences as lessons, not excuses (Fool me once….)
Change yourself, instead of wishing others/circumstances to be different
Take responsibilities with honesty and act with self-awareness
Create with wisdom and free-will, leading a life of a victor/victim is a choice
Heal with the power of self-love and acceptance, instead of seeking strength from the outside

The Frequency Spa Perks:
Since it’s a Frequency Spa call, Mas will also work on repairing physical and psychological deterioration caused by the mentality of victimhood…such as wrinkles, frown lines, gray hair, heart issues, blood pressure, defeated dispositions, etc… The frequencies of inner strength and beauty will empower you from the inside out to claim the victory over victimhood.

Ending the Frequency of Victimhood
Medi-Spa Replay | 45min: $39 |  Click for Replay


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To attend: A confirmation email with the access information will be sent to you twice – immediately after the purchase and again a few hours before the session. To attend the session you may listen on the web, via Skype, or call in.

Can’t attend the live call? No problem! The frequency-encoded replay has the same healing properties as the live call so it will be just as effective as the live session.

Replay: The replay link is the same as the live event webcast link.

Note: Please purchase one ticket for each person who will be on this call. No sharing, please. The energy will be intentionally directed at registered guests only. Anyone who is not officially registered will not receive the benefits of the session.

Refund: Since our Spa calls are digital products and the access info is automatically sent to you immediately after the purchase, there will be no refunds.

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