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Medi-Spa: A powerful monthly group healing session where Mas instills in you the frequency of true beauty, vitality and wisdom in body, mind and spirit.



A frequency remedy reaching beyond the physical level to alleviate menstrual discomforts

Contrary to the idealistic concept that the menstrual cycle is meant to enhance the feminine experience, clinical studies show that it is a rather excruciating experience for at least 30 percent of women – some of the most common symptoms are debilitating pain, severe cramps, pounding migraines, heavy bleeding, dramatic mood-swings, prolonged lethargy and depression, etc…

Beyond the hormonal imbalance at the physical level, Mas sees that the root causes of menstrual problems actually reside at the spirit level – when the core frequency had been distorted by lineage wounds, family traumas, past life memories, abortions and miscarriages (yours or not even yours!), etc… the degree of the discomfort experienced at the physical level, such as difficult menstrual cycles, is merely reflecting the depth of the distortion created at the spirit level.

In this Spa call, Mas will navigate through the time line and work on the distortions of the past to remedy the discomforts in the present. As a result of the elevated frequency, many of your other physical and emotional distresses would also be relieved along with the clearing of the menstrual problems.

The Frequency Spa Perks:

Since it’s a Frequency Spa call, the session will also restore the hormonal balance of the reproductive organ and optimize one of its most important functions – sustaining the youthfulness and vitality of a woman’s body and mind.

Instead of suffering through the cycle, you will be glowing with the flow, period! ;)

Glowing with the Flow 

Sunday | March 29 | 8:30pm CT

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Live Session + Replay (30min) | $29


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To attend: A confirmation email with the access information will be sent to you twice – immediately after the purchase and again a few hours before the session. To attend the session you may listen on the web, via Skype, or call in.

Can’t attend the live call? No problem! The frequency-encoded replay has the same healing properties as the live call so it will be just as effective as the live session.

Replay: The replay link is the same as the live event webcast link.

Note: Please purchase one ticket for each person who will be on this call. No sharing, please. The energy will be intentionally directed at registered guests only. Anyone who is not officially registered will not receive the benefits of the session.

Refund: Since our Spa calls are digital products and the access info is automatically sent to you immediately after the purchase, there will be no refunds.

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