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Medi-Spa: A powerful monthly group healing session where Mas instills in you the frequency of true beauty, vitality and wisdom in body, mind and spirit.


Midnight Mas
The True Meaning of Easter

Easter is one of the most holy days in the Christian religion.  According to the Bible, Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, three days after his crucifixion, known as Good Friday.

But what does the Christian scriptures of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection really mean?  What is the true meaning of Easter?

Join Mas this Easter Sunday at midnight for a Frequency Spa special – Midnight Mas. Mas conducts a Medi-Healing to bring in the Christ frequency, enveloping your spirit within and delving deeply into an experience of unconditional love, compassion, redemption and spiritual awakening.

Missed the Midnight Mas Call? Don’t worry…the beauty, potency of the Midnight Mas will linger on in the recording in spite of its less-than-ideal sound quality…While the frequencies in the replay are imprinted with the timeless properties of the live call.

Midnight Mas – The True Meaning of Easter
Replay (40min) | $50 | Add to Cart 

The Replay: A confirmation email with the access information will be sent to you twice – immediately after the purchase. The frequency-encoded replay has the same healing properties as the live call so it will be just as effective as the live session.

Note: Please purchase one replay for each person who will enjoy the session. No sharing, please. The energy will be intentionally directed at people who honor the work.

Refund: Since our Spa calls are digital products and the access info is automatically sent to you immediately after the purchase, there will be no refunds.

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